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Music Theory

Bradford Continuing Education

To get the most out of your guitar or piano lessons, you will need:

1. An instrument to practise on You do not need to rush out and buy an expensive piano / guitar. But, you do need access to an instrument that you can practise on between lessons. I would advise you to hire or buy the best quality instrument within your budget - ask me for help with this BEFORE you buy!!
2. Book(s) of music There are many music tutor books available that cover a wide variety of styles and repertoire. Having many years experience working in (and shopping in!!!) music shops, I will guide you towards the right one for you. I'll occasionally supplement this with music I bring along to your lesson!
3. Notepad and Pencil This is an essential piece of kit!! You will need to make notes during sessions, and to annotate your scores. You will also need to write down your practise schedule.
4. Time! Before you start lessons, decide what you want to achieve and how you're going to do it. Be realistic about the time you can spare to practise, and how much you can get done in that time. Remember: it's always better to do a very short practise every day than to try cram in a long one less frequently!

We can discuss all of the above on your FREE first session with me!