Child Safety

I take your child’s well-being extremely seriously

  • As someone who also works in the UK state school system, I am regularly and randomly background checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).  This to check that I:
    • Have no convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings
    • Am not on the list held under Section 142 of the Education Act 2002
    • Am not on the ISA Children’s Barred List
    • Am not on the ISA Vulnerable Adults’ Barred List
    • No other relevant information is held about me by the Chief of Police Officers
  • When your child is in my home for a music lesson:
    • I have a duty of care to ensure their safety
    • My door is permanently unlocked, allowing parents and carers access at any time
    • Parents or carers may choose to stay in the room, if they and the child so wish
    • My room is clearly visable from outside (my garden, the bowling club and beyond)
    • I accompany very young children off my property to be certain that they get into parents’ cars etc.
  • Some parts of my Privacy Policy relate to child safety – please CLICK HERE to view it.

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