Every student is different with unique tastes, their own motivations for taking up music, and of course their individual circumstances regarding availability and budget. For this reason, I always start by seeking to find out as much about new clients as I can :

  • What brings them to my music room and what do they hope to get out of it?
  • What are their musical tastes – what styles of music do they like, and are they hoping to learn the music of particular artists?
  • What is their background? Do they have prior musical experience or this a completely new venture for them?
  • What can I add that they don’t already have? If this person is going to spend their time and their money with me, what part can I play in supporting their musical ambitions?

With this in mind, we always start with an Initial Consultation – to chat, to get to know one another, to listen and perhaps play some music, and to figure out a plan for future session.

You can use the form below to get started and book your Initial Consultation:

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