You Choose Your Level of Flexibility

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Two Exciting Changes to ‘Flexi’ Lesson Booking

  1. Not only can you book your lessons up to 12 weeks in advance, but you can now also book a lesson on the day that you would like it. As long as you get to the booking page within 2 hours of the start time, you can get it booked in there and then, and come for your session later that day!
  2. You get to choose how flexible you would like your booking to be.
    • You can book as you did before and enjoy the flexibility of knowing that you can reschedule your lesson as many time as you like, simply by logging on to this website within 12 hours of the lesson start time.
    • Or, you can now book your lesson at a discounted rate and have it fixed in place at a specific date and time: non-changeable and non-cancellable.

I hope that the changes I’ve put in place above offer students a greater degree of control over how they book and manage their lessons. All of this can be done on the regular booking page, or by using the booking area below:

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