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10 Things I Wish My Piano Teacher Had Told Me

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Hands playing piano

1. There’s only one reason to play piano: for fun Every day I hear myself telling my students to remember the reason that they’re having piano lessons: because playing piano is supposed to be a thoroughly enjoyable way of enhancing your life! Playing piano should not become an extra job to squeeze into your day, a chore or something to… Read more »

Love your voice unconditionally

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At the weekend I was at a friend’s birthday party when the inevitable question popped up: “Can you teach anyone to sing?” As usual, this question was followed up with a statement that I hear people saying all the time: “I can’t sing. I’m tone deaf.” Once I’ve reassured them that everyone can sing, I would usually go on to… Read more »


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ONE TWO THREE FOUR: The Beatles in Time by Craig Brown I thought I was a knowledgeable Beatles fan until I read this book (leant to me by my lovely, adult student, Martin). The music of John, Paul, George and Ringo were a constant backdrop to my childhood: my dad was particularly fond of the Rubber Soul album, my mum… Read more »

Music Lessons for Home-Schooled Kids

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There’s an often quoted scene in the Monty Python film The Life of Brian in which the story’s eponymous anti-hero is trying to convince the crowd outside his house that he isn’t in fact the messiah at all, and that they don’t need to follow anyone in their lives: “You are all individuals!” “YES, WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS!” “You’re all… Read more »

The very last lesson availability blog!

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Now that online booking has gone live, there’s no need to check this blog each week for lesson availability. Simply go to my ‘Flexi Slots’ booking page and browse through the calendar for any availability that suits you. I will be updating the slots on a daily basis, including days and times when students cancel their sessions. No need to… Read more »

This week’s availability: FULLY BOOKED

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Thanks for visiting this page. All lesson slots for the coming week are booked out. But, watch this space for online booking so that you can get your lessons arranged well in advance!

Summer Update

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Now we’re fully in the middle of our summer holidays, I thought this would be a good chance to give a quick update of the plans for the coming term. As things open up again and people feel more able to venture out of their homes, my service will get busier, but I am committed to offering the most flexible… Read more »

Lesson Slots for the coming week

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Just a brief blog today to give you the available list of lessons for the coming week. Drop me a text on 07746637472 if you would like to book any of the following: Monday 26th July, 16:00 Tuesday 27th July, 16:00 Friday 30th July, 16:30 While you’re here, check out my student, Imogen, singing ‘Drivers License’ with another music student… Read more »

Update & ‘Freedom Day’

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Little changes to Covid precautions Despite Boris Johnson’s so-called ‘Freedom Day’ relaxing of the Covid rules across England, my students and I will remain cautious about the spread of Covid to protect one another and those who are most vulnerable in society. My music studio is a fairly enclosed space with limited ventilation, so we need to do what we… Read more »