Piano Lessons

Total beginners to Grade 8

Work towards exams, or just play for fun

Personalised, structured learning

As a piano teacher, I’m interested in the tastes and aims of my students. Some want to work towards graded exams, while others simply love playing piano as a hobby!

No matter why you want to learn, all lessons with me are packed with content and full of fun!

Learn the pieces you want to play
Students come to me with a wide variety of musical interests, from singer songwriters looking for guidance on composing music and accompanying themselves at the piano, to those who enjoy jazz, blues and stride piano, and right through to the classical music buffs who (sometimes) want to work through the graded exams. I’m an open-minded piano teacher and consider the opportunity to work with students on lots of different genres of music a really fantastic aspect of my job. So, if you want to play Meatloaf or Mozart I’ll be happy to help!

Work at your own pace
I work with students who are coming to playing a musical instrument for the very first time AND those who aim to improve their already extensive musical skills. Naturally, everyone learns at their own pace, and the speed at which people progress often depends on the amount of time they have to dedicate to practise. If you’re one of the lucky ones who has hours every week to spend playing your piano then I’ll be there to guide you along your way. If, on the other hand, you can only spare ten minutes here and there then that’s fine too: a little bit of practise each day or each couple of days is enough for you to progress, and in your lessons I’ll show you practise techniques that will make every minute you spend at your piano really count.

Exercises and special tuition to improve your technique
There are many well established exercises that I employ as part of my teaching: scales, arpeggios and broken chords etc, as well as the Hanon exercises. And, they are extremely useful for developing good playing technique and a solid understanding of keys and chords. I also supplement these with other exercises and studies (some of which I have devised) to tackle particular issues with students’ playing.

Practical sessions backed up with listening and theory
Most of the examination boards incorporate listening, clapping and singing exercises into their instrumental assessments. This is because being able to internalise music is an essential skill required of any musician. So, I include exercises and games to help students develop these skills, adapted according to the individual’s ability and age.

Adults and children are welcome
I teach just as many adult students as young people. It’s never too late to get started (or start to improve) your playing, and I arrange my lessons with your individual circumstances and learning style in mind. Children very often need me to lead the lesson from the beginning to the end, where adults already know what kind of help and guidance they are looking for. Either way, I’m there to respond to the student’s needs, not to dictate how lessons should run.

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