Ukulele Lessons

Quick and easy to learn. Instant fun.

Strum and sing, or play with friends.

Ukes are a really popular choice of instrument for people who don’t have time for lots of complex music theory, and would rather just get playing straight away. Many ukulele enthusiasts enjoy singing pop and rock songs while strumming along with friends. There are many uke groups out there that most people could join almost immediately. So, there are lots of reasons to choose ukulele as your first instrument:

  • Inexpensive: pick one up from about £20, and you can get a really nice instrument for about £50-£100.
  • Quick to learn: you could play hundreds of songs with just a few chords.
  • Sociable: it’s the sort of instrument that allows you to play along with friends.
  • Portable: small and light – you can just pick it up and go!
  • No need to read music: there’s loads of fun to be had with relatively little effort / technical knowledge.

Get started with SAME DAY booking!

Music lessons have moved on since the days of having to drag yourself to lessons at the same time week in and week out. Nowadays there’s no need to commit to months of regular lessons – just book a session as and when it suits you, and only pay for the lessons that you book!

Come over for a chat about what you would like to learn and the types of music you would enjoy playing. Together we’ll figure out how I can best support you, what frequency and duration of lessons would suit you, and plan your next lessons so that you get the most out of your 1-2-1 sessions!

Playing ukulele starts and ends with fun and relaxation!

Girl playing ukulele on the sofa

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