Older Learners

An older person playing guitar
Music is for EVERYONE!

There’s NO age limit on learning an instrument

… so, if you’ve ever asked yourself the question
“Am I too old to learn?”
The answer is NO!!

Music is not just for the young!

Always fancied learning to play a musical instrument but never quite had the time for lessons and practising? Wish you’d have taken up music earlier in life, and worried that now it’s too late – that you’re too old to start from the beginning?

Think again!! I have students at all different stages of life, from young children to retired people wanting something fun and fulfilling to do. If you’ve always wanted to play then there’s absolutely nothing stopping you – all it takes is a bit of time and the desire to learn!

I have teaching slots available during the weekdays especially to cater for retired learners or those who work shifts, and I can be flexible about when and how often you have lessons.

Some recent feedback from a mature student:

My piano lessons with Damian are a highlight of the week. I returned to lessons after retiring from work; my last lessons were at school when I had reached intermediate level. We do 1 hour together per fortnight at his house which has a nice setup – plenty of room, piano with a very pleasant tone. He is up to date with IT and regular emails and txts keep me in touch. My lessons include exercises, classical piano and jazz. We always find time to discuss some aspect of music which interests us. My technique has improved immensely and we’ve completed pieces by Schubert, Mozart, Sibelius, Poulenc etc together…..and my family can’t believe how much I enjoy learning Jazz for the first time – brilliant. A big thank you to Damian.

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