Record a Song

Enjoy singing to yourself?
Want to know what you REALLY sound like?
How about making a track to share online with friends and family?

I work with lots of amateur musicians to create a permanent record of their performances – something that they can listen back to for years into the future, put on CD to listen in the car, or play online to friends and family.  If you’d like to be the star of your own track, I can help by offering:

  • Use of home recording equipment
  • Live piano / keyboard / guitar accompaniment
  • Great quality backing tracks
  • Sheet music and lyrics sheets
  • Professional coaching and performance advice
  • A comfortable, friendly and informal environment
  • Post production mix down
  • Recordings supplied as mp3 and published on YouTube

Come visit my home, have a brew, chat about what you’d like to do, then allow me to help you make a recording that you can be proud of. Then, if you have enjoyed the experience and have the time, arrange for more regular coaching sessions to keep improving your vocal techniques.

Here’s an example of a recording made by one of my youngest singers:



Recording sessions are open to anyone – NOT LIMITED TO MY REGULAR STUDENTS. This service is offered at a fixed fee, including preparation time, initial meetings, the recording session itself, and the post-production work I’m required to complete the recording. As a guide, all of this usually takes a total of two to three hours, assuming that I don’t need to spend time lots of time learning a complex accompaniment part.

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