Guitar & Ukulele Lessons

Electric, Acoustic & Classical Guitar

Absolute beginners to intermediate learners

Guitarists are as varied as guitars: because the instrument is so versatile, there are many approaches to playing it.  Music for guitar is presented in many different formats (depending on editorial style), and students want to achieve a wide variety of different things with it, from accompanying themselves singing, to playing rock or classical solos.  It’s my job to find out what a student wants to be able to do with a guitar, and plan lessons around that objective.

Yorkshire guitar player

Elements of guitar playing:
Chord progressions
Building / adapting riffs
Strum patterns and techniques
Fitting in a vocal
Soloing (playing the melody)
Pitch bending, sliding etc.
Scales and other exercises

The focus in lessons will always be playing for fun.

There’s so much to learn…

  • Tuning your guitar by ear
  • Learning the notes across the fretboard
  • Parallel reading: traditional clef notation alongside TAB
  • Finding out more about fingerings / hand positions
  • How to build chords: major, minor and more complex chords
  • Barre chords – how they relate to one another, and how to play them!
  • Rhythm patterns and syncopation
  • Power chords and shuffle technique
  • Alternating basslines
  • Use of the capo
  • Transposition for accompaniment
  • Right hand fingering and picking
  • Arranging songs to suit your style
  • Sitting exams in electric, acoustic or classical guitar
  • …. and MUCH more!!


The quick and easy way to get playing your favourite songs

Ukes are a really popular choice of instrument for people who don’t have time for lots of complex music theory, and would rather just get playing straight away. Many ukulele enthusiasts enjoy singing pop and rock songs while strumming along with friends. There are many uke groups out there that most people could join almost immediately. So, why choose to play ukulele?

  • Inexpensive: pick one up from about £20, and you can get a really nice instrument for about £50-£100.
  • Quick to learn: you could play hundreds of songs with just a few chords.
  • Sociable: it’s the sort of instrument that allows you to play along with friends.
  • Portable: small and light – you can just pick it up and go!
  • No need to read music: there’s loads of fun to be had with relatively little effort / technical knowledge.

Contact me about starting guitar or ukulele lessons:
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