‘Pay As You Go’ Piano, Guitar, Singing!

On the front page of this website, my service is advertised as “Modern, Flexible & Fun”, and that’s exactly how I would like my clients to think of my business! No longer should piano lessons necessitate students to attend religiously at the same time and on the same day every week. If you would like to do some singing, you… Read more »

Music Lessons for Home-Schooled Kids

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There’s an often quoted scene in the Monty Python film The Life of Brian in which the story’s eponymous anti-hero is trying to convince the crowd outside his house that he isn’t in fact the messiah at all, and that they don’t need to follow anyone in their lives: “You are all individuals!” “YES, WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS!” “You’re all… Read more »

The very last lesson availability blog!

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Now that online booking has gone live, there’s no need to check this blog each week for lesson availability. Simply go to my ‘Flexi Slots’ booking page and browse through the calendar for any availability that suits you. I will be updating the slots on a daily basis, including days and times when students cancel their sessions. No need to… Read more »

(Hopefully) the final availability blog

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With the coming of my new online booking system also comes the end of the need to publish a list of available slots each week. This is because two calendars will be available – one for fixed, pre-agreed slots that parents use to book children into their regular weekly or fortnightly lessons, and the other is a ‘Flexi Slots’ calendar… Read more »

Big Change – 1st November!

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I’ve been working hard on getting things sorted for the transition to online booking, and I very nearly there with it. As the school half term holidays are right at the end of October, I’ve chosen the first day back afterwards – Monday 1st November – as the switch date. What this means is that all lessons from 1st Nov… Read more »

Back to School – Lesson Availability

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As schools go back, my schedule returns to something approaching normality. Here are the available slots for the week ahead: Tue 7th Sep – 16:00 Wed 8th Sep – 16:00 If you’d like to book into any of the following the best option right now is to text me on 07746637472. But, soon it’ll all be done online – more… Read more »

Update & Online Booking

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Next week: FULLY BOOKED Thanks to all of you who visit this blog to check for lesson availability. Whenever I take a break from teaching the following week or so are always REALLY busy with people who have managed to book in advance. For this reason, all the slots for the coming week (30th Aug to 4th Sep) are fully… Read more »