w/c 9th March 2020: Fully Booked

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Hi everyone. Thanks for visiting the blog again to check for lesson availability. Hopefully, posting available spaces here each week will continue to prove useful to those of you who want to book in last minute lessons / have sudden changes of plans etc. Unfortunately, though, this week is absolutely fully booked, with students and band camp sessions running from… Read more »

Lesson Availability w/c 2nd March 2020

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This is an exciting week for me because, for the very first time, I’m collaborating with Sarah Churcher (another excellent singing teacher based in Carleton) to provide a full day’s singing workshop. It’s on Thursday at Woodlands Retreat in Giggleswick, and will be all about songs from the shows. We’re actually fully booked out already, but we’ll be planning to… Read more »

w/c 24th Feb 2020 – Fully Booked

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I’m afraid all the lessons slots for this coming week are completely booked out. However, you might want to join one of our Band Camp sessions in a couple of weeks: an ideal opportunity to learn musicianship skills alongside other students through learning and recording a song together. Check out the dates and sign up by CLICKING HERE.

The wise words of Ray Mears

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I’m in the middle of reading Ray Mears’ autobiography: Ray Mears: My Outdoor Life. It’s an absolutely fascinating read about how he got into bushcraft in the first place, and how his lifelong fascination with nature has led him to a wonderful and all consuming career as a Woodlore educator. The reason I mention it here on my blog is… Read more »

‘The Feel Good Fair’ : A Performance Opportunity

I received an email yesterday from Laura Hepworth about a fair she is putting on. This event presents an ideal opportunity for music students and amateur musicians to play to a live audience. Her email read as follows: My name is Laura Hepworth, I am in the process of organising a charity event ‘The Feel Good Fair’ for 5th April… Read more »

Band Camp – The Recordings

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Today we had our first ever ‘Band Camp’ group sessions, in which small groups of students performed songs together. In both sessions we got the opportunity to record our work… and here are the results: In both cases, we just set up a small recorder while we played the songs live. For this reason, the balance isn’t quite right (both… Read more »

Lesson Availability w/c 17th Feb 2020

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This week is school half term week in the Skipton area (and many other parts of the country). However, my service will continue this week pretty much uninterrupted; only a very small number of students will have had their lessons cancelled as a result of the school holidays. There are also a few available lesson slots, should you wish to… Read more »

Musical Theatre Singing Workshop

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I’m excited to announce that, in partnership with Yorkshire Dales Music, Sarah Churcher and I will be running a singing workshop for those interested in learning songs from the shows! Details: Thursday 5th March 09:30 – 16:30 Woodlands Retreat, Giggleswick £50 per participant Lunch included Everyone welcome, with or without prior experience It promises to be a really fun day,… Read more »

Lesson Availability w/c 3rd Feb 2020

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Here are the available slots for the coming week – just send me a text on 07746637472 if you would like to book any of them: Monday 3rd February 14:20 (30 mins) Tuesday 4th February 11:30 (30 mins) Friday 7th February 14:30 (30 mins) Saturday 8th February 13:30 (30 mins)