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Songs with Good Piano Accompaniments

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Finger playing piano

I think it’s fair to say that piano is a versatile instrument and as such it’s possible to translate the accompaniment parts of lots of (the majority of?) songs into a recognisable arrangement for it. But, some types of songs work better than others. For example, piano is particularly good as the backing to ballads if performing as a soloist… Read more »

CLC Virtual Advent Day 17

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Debra Baines: O Holy Night Debra is another member of Carleton Ladies Choir who has multiple musical strings to her bow, both metaphorically and literally! She plays in local ukulele groups, and here she performs this lovely Christmas carol on violin. If you would like to have a go at playing or singing this piece yourself, here’s the backing track… Read more »

Self Accompaniment

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When new students first approach me about learning piano or guitar, my first point of enquiry is to establish whether they are interested in playing their instrument as a soloist or as an accompaniment to something else. Customers broadly fall into one of three camps: 1, I’m only interested in playing on my own. 2, I want to play and… Read more »