School Holiday Lessons

For generations children have learned musical instruments by attending weekly lessons, usually 30 or 45 minutes in length.  Many of my students learn this way, but this weekly model doesn’t suit everybody: there is more than one way to teach a musical instrument.

Longer lessons during school holidays only

Term time can be very hectic for families, with parents and children balancing work, school and a plethora of other activities – sometime there simply isn’t time for yet another weekly appointment such as a child’s piano lesson.  That’s why I offer ‘School Holiday Only’ lessons to students who would like to pursue learning a musical instrument but only really have the time for it outside of school term time.

There are plenty of benefits to having less regular lessons:

  1. Longer time in lesson to focus (most people choose to have 60 minute lessons)
  2. Less pressure to come back in 7 days having perfected the material
  3. More time to work on techniques in between sessions
  4. A wider scope of repertoire / exercises in each session
  5. Opportunity for more regular lessons in the longer holidays (such as summer), if the student would benefit from that approach
  6. Less expensive: only pay for one session at a time, at a fixed rate of £30 per hour
  7. Flexibility to book more or less sessions depending on need and budget

More and more people are moving from the out-dated ‘weekly’ lessons model over to a more flexible approach that works around your family’s other activities and social events.

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..or at other times that fit around your schedule.

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