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Update: w/c 25th May 2020

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As usual, there’s lots going on this week. One of the most exciting is that I’ve launched our forthcoming concert: it’ll be on Saturday 20th June from 1pm, and will take place online. Participants will join a Zoom call that will then be broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook. And, the whole event will be in aid of an excellent… Read more »

Lesson Availability w/c 18th May

As this Covid lockdown goes on, the weeks just seem to pass by! I can hardly believe that it’s been 8 weeks now since my son, Robin, went to school. He’s certainly missing the social aspects of school life, if not some of the lessons! And I’m sure that we adults are also missing lots of things about our ‘normal’… Read more »

Lesson Availability w/c 11th May

Over the weekend I published a newsletter to my students and parents to highlight the need for a change in the way lessons are conducted for a little while. As most of you know, I’ve been teaching exclusively online for the past 6 weeks, and this is working really well for those students who are taking Zoom lessons and singing… Read more »

Newsletter: May 2020

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Hi students / parents. It’s now been six weeks since lockdown began in the UK, and all my face-to-face lessons were put on hold. And, I’ve got to say that I’ve really missed the routine interactions I had with my students before all this Covid thing kicked off – exchanging pleasantries and updates about what we’d each done over the… Read more »

Available Zoom Slots: w/c 04/05/2020

Like most people, I’m waiting with bated breath for the government’s announcement about plans for the easing of lockdown. My hope is that as schools and businesses reopen I will be able to offer more time to teach my students. How this will look in terms of online vs face-to-face remains to be seen. It could be that ongoing social… Read more »

Online music lessons: this week’s slots

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world: if you have a computer or smart device you can access high quality music lessons delivered by a native English speaker. This week there are just a few available slots, so drop me a line quickly if you would like to book any: Monday 27th April 17:30 (30 mins) Wednesday 29th… Read more »

Zoom Lesson Slots: w/c 20/04/20

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Hi everyone. Hope you’re all doing well and managing okay. I think the strangest thing about this whole Covid-19 lockdown is how ‘normal’ everything feels on a day-to-day basis. Every time I glance at the news it’s just a stream of Corona Virus related tragedy: deaths, shortages of food and medical equipment etc etc. And, yet, for most of us… Read more »

Lesson Availability w/c 13/04/2020

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Music lessons are now online – this means that your geographic location is no longer an issue. Wherever you are in the world, if you would like a native English speaking tutor of piano, guitar, bass or ukulele then drop me a line. This week there are just a couple of available slots. All times are given in BST: Friday… Read more »

w/c 6th April 2020 – Lesson Slots

Despite the current lockdown in the UK, my service continues to be busy with loads of students electing to continue their lessons via video link rather than in person at my house. I’m really pleased that I can continue to offer a full instrumental music lesson experience to those who want to keep playing, enjoying and progressing. Admittedly, there are… Read more »

Lesson Availability, w/c 30th March

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As you know, lessons with me are now exclusively online and will remain so until the lockdown is over. I’ve been using Zoom video conferencing technology to great effect – there’s actually very little difference between this and doing face-to-face sessions, especially with instrumental students. Plus, lots of people are using Zoom to keep in touch with family members, so… Read more »