10 Years in Skipton!

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This month I celebrate a decade teaching music in Skipton

… and 30 years since I took on my very first pupil, back when I was a teenager myself!!

10 years of skiptonmusicteacher.co.uk

And, so this seems like a good time to thank everyone who has supported me and my business since I started freelance teaching here in North Yorkshire. I’ve been lucky to have had a really loyal customer base, with many students coming for lessons with me over many years. I’ve seen pupils arrive as shy young children and leave for university, hopefully having racked up many hours of enjoyment playing or singing that will set them up for a lifetime more of fun and relaxation.

I think that whatever job you do it’s easy to lose sight of some of the most important aspects of it, especially when you are in a customer facing role. I always try to remember to see my service, my lessons and my general demeanour from the student’s perspective: this person is spending their valuable time and money visiting me for a lesson so it’s really important that they enjoy the interaction and that they come away having got something tangible from the session. I also try to remember that, although I may have taught this particular aspect of playing hundreds of times before, this is probably the first time this particular student has been told about it, so they deserve to have the lesson delivered in a patient, thought out and considerate way. Moreover, every student is different so good teaching always means bespoke teaching!

Thanks again to all my students and parents. I hope to be able to offer music lessons in Skipton for at least another 10 years or so!!

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