Music Lessons for Home-Schooled Kids

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There’s an often quoted scene in the Monty Python film The Life of Brian in which the story’s eponymous anti-hero is trying to convince the crowd outside his house that he isn’t in fact the messiah at all, and that they don’t need to follow anyone in their lives:

“You are all individuals!”


“You’re all different!”


One lone voice in the crowd: “I’m not!”

This for me is both the funniest and most profound moment in the movie, if not the entire Monty Python franchise. Maybe because I’ve always felt like a bit of rebel myself, going against the grain of societal expectation in my choice of work and lifestyle. As one of my home-schooled youngsters once said, he and I are both ‘escapees’ from the normal working / schooling routine of life.

The good news for other escapees who would like to do music lessons is that my service is ideally suited to you. I teach through the daytime every weekday, with appointments every 30 minutes from about 9:45am onwards. So, for those who don’t attend ‘mainstream’ school or who have a weekly routine that deviates from the 9-5 norm, there’s plenty of opportunity to fit in a bit of piano or guitar.

Lots of my students run their own businesses or work shift patterns that vary from day to day and month to month. If they know in advance how their working patterns are going to fall they can book lessons weeks up front. But, where people have unpredictable working shifts my online booking system allows them to book in lessons up to the day before (and rearrange it up to 12 hours before the session if necessary).

So, if your life is different from the usual going to school / going to work at the same time every day, then maybe my service could compliment your lifestyle.

I’m taking on new daytime students!

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