(Hopefully) the final availability blog

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With the coming of my new online booking system also comes the end of the need to publish a list of available slots each week. This is because two calendars will be available – one for fixed, pre-agreed slots that parents use to book children into their regular weekly or fortnightly lessons, and the other is a ‘Flexi Slots’ calendar that shows everything else that’s available that week. This will include any slots that the regular students haven’t booked, and therefore are up for grabs.

Students and parents will be able to book a slot as long as they get there 12 hours or more ahead of the lesson time, and slots will be displayed up to 12 weeks in advance. So, there should be plenty of flexibility for those of you who want to book in extra lessons or wait for slots are certain times of the day to become free.

But for now, and for the last time, here are the list of free slots for the coming week:

  • Tue 28 Sep, 10:15 & 13:15
  • Wed 29 Sep, 11:45 & 13:45
  • Thu 30 Sep, 17:00

And, also for the last time, if you would like to book any of these then drop me a text on 07746 637472. From next week onwards you will be able to book the free slots yourself by simply visiting this website and clicking on any of the ‘BOOK ONLINE’ buttons around the site.

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