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Student Collaboration: ‘In C’

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Terry Riley - In C Parts Pic

This summer, amateur and student musicians will be coming together to create a unique virtual performance of Terry Riley’s iconic minimalist composition ‘In C’. This is a piece made up of a series of very short fragments of music, played on any instrument. In our rendition of the work, the fragments will come in any order, and participants will record… Read more »

CLC Virtual Advent Day 25

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Carleton Ladies Choir: Do You Hear What I Hear For many of us 2020 has been a tough year, but I sincerely hope that things get much better for everyone in 2021. Let’s also spare a thought for those people around the world who have nowhere safe and warm to rest their heads, not enough food to eat, and no… Read more »

CLC Virtual Advent Day 7

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Amelia Platt: Merry Christmas Everyone Shaking Stevens released this Christmas pop song back in 1985, complete with a cheesy video of him playing in the snow in his Christmas sweater. 35 years later, here’s Amelia singing the same song, on her 10th birthday too! Hope you enjoy it, and consider supporting our children’s charity of choice (see below) These videos… Read more »

Next Week & Half Term Week

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With some Skipton schools closing for half term holidays this coming Thursday, I have the prospect of a shorter week of available lesson slots. There are a couple of available spaces, though, should you want to book in: Monday 19th October 17:00 (30 mins) Tuesday 20th October 11:15 (2 x 30 mins) I am taking a week off for half… Read more »