w/c 6th April 2020 – Lesson Slots

Despite the current lockdown in the UK, my service continues to be busy with loads of students electing to continue their lessons via video link rather than in person at my house. I’m really pleased that I can continue to offer a full instrumental music lesson experience to those who want to keep playing, enjoying and progressing. Admittedly, there are… Read more »

Lesson Availability, w/c 30th March

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As you know, lessons with me are now exclusively online and will remain so until the lockdown is over. I’ve been using Zoom video conferencing technology to great effect – there’s actually very little difference between this and doing face-to-face sessions, especially with instrumental students. Plus, lots of people are using Zoom to keep in touch with family members, so… Read more »

Zoom Online Lessons: an update

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So, for nearly a week now I’ve been conducting my regular lessons online, using a Zoom video link. Most of you will be familiar with this by now because lots of families are using the technology to stay in touch with one another during the Covid-19 lockdown. I’ve got to admit that before I tried it I was a bit… Read more »

Online Lessons Availability w/c 23/03/20

Hi all. As you know, I’ve now switched to online lessons. I’m using the Pro version of Zoom – the highest quality video conferencing software available. It’s free for my students to use and allows us to have a ‘nearly in the same room’ type of experience. There is, admittedly, one small downside: that it’s difficult to play / sing… Read more »

Online Lessons via Zoom

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A bit of good news: I’ve found a really good online conferencing tool that will be perfect for conducting piano, guitar and music theory lessons via video link. It’s free for students to use, requires no additional software to be downloaded to PC / laptops (and only a little app for android and apple devices), and so allows musicians to… Read more »

Suspension of face-to-face lessons

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Following the PM’s announcement today that schools will be closing on Friday, I am following suit and suspending all face-to-face music lessons from the end of this week until further notice. Lessons booked for tomorrow and Friday will go ahead as planned unless students need or want to cancel. I will be contacting all students who currently have lessons booked… Read more »

17th March: Service Update

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As I’m sure you’re aware, yesterday the government announced that the public should avoid large gatherings and other non-essential social interactions. As you can imagine, this has put the fear of God into lots of ordinary folk who are now wondering what on earth they can or can’t, should or shouldn’t do. As far as my service is concerned, I… Read more »

w/c 16th March: FULLY BOOKED

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Despite all the chaos, cancellations and disruption around the world as a result of the Corona Virus, my service continues to be as busy as ever. This week is another one that is completely fully booked out with students but, as usual, if this changes I will post it to my Facebook page. Speaking of the dreaded Corona Virus, I… Read more »

Corona Virus

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As with all businesses, I need to consider the impact that the spread of Corona Virus might have on my ability to deliver my service to my customers. With this in mind, the plan is as follows: As things stand: Lessons continue as normal. Those students who wish to avoid face-to-face contact have a couple of options: Switch to lessons… Read more »