Young Voices Massed Sing

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Probably the most joyous concert ever!

This week my son got on a coach with the rest of Skipton Parish Primary Years 5 and 6 and headed for Manchester AO Arena to perform as part of the Young Voices 2023 Choir – the largest children’s school choir in the world! We followed closely behind to watch the concert and we were absolutely blown away – nearly 9,000 kids performing together, accompanied by a professional band and conducted by David Lawrence. And this was just one of the 27 such concerts put on in 5 arenas around the UK this year.

Looking across from our seats was the most spectacular sight – an ocean of children in white t-shirts readying themselves to sing a series of songs and medleys that they’ve each learned over the past few months at school. As the start of the concert approached and announcements were made for family and friends to take their seats for the beginning of the show, the kids excitement was palpable – they raised the roof with their enthusiasm! It was reminiscent of the atmosphere at a Beatles concert circa 1964!

I was so impressed with the way that this not-for-profit organisation had put the show together – the music was a selection of uplifting contemporary and traditional songs, many of which the children would likely be familiar with, and certainly well known to the audience. The event was super-slick, with the choir performances being bookended by other segments on stage, including a staggering performances by The Beatbox Collective and Heather Small (who also sang her hit ‘Proud’ with the children). The lightening and sound were second to none and the musicians extremely tight. Many of the numbers were accompanied by street dancers, and there was plenty of audience participation.

We all know too well about the horrific terror attack that happened at Manchester Arena five years ago, so I think that it was especially poignant to hold this most joyous of events at this particular venue. The Young Voices concert was a powerful antidote to the hatred that was displayed back in 2017 – this was an evening of togetherness, acceptance, inclusion, teamwork, fun, excitement… and humanity at its very best! And when the kids got going it really was spine tingling and exhilarating!

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