Stepping away from Social Media

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I know that lots of people regularly use Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook et al, but I can honestly say that I’ve never got very much out of them. Certainly I have found over the past year or so that the algorithms these platforms use to feed certain content to certain users has not really worked for my business – I mostly post to keep my students informed about what’s going on, changes to my service, holiday dates etc. Because none of this is sensational or provocative, I’ve found that my posts have not been widely distributed by the powers of FB and Twitter, and therefore my students and parents have not even seem them.

So, I’ve decided to go old school again, and fine tune my service to benefit the people who actually use it or are interested in what’s going on. For this reason, my Facebook and Twitter accounts have now been deleted. And a new approach will be taken:

Anything that I need to let my students / parents know personally and/or urgently will come to them via SMS text or WhatsApp from my usual number: 07746 637472.

Lesson booking and rescheduling confirmations, and lesson reminders will continue to be automated, arriving in your email inbox or as an SMS text.

General information about my service, website status, events, bookings etc will now be communicated via an email newsletter. In order to receive these messages you will need to opt in via a subscription page on my website. You can also do that here:

Finally, I will continue to post here on my blog about more generic musical things. These articles are less about my service per se and more relevant to a general musical readership. If there are posts here that I think will specifically interest my students then I’ll promote them on the newsletter.

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