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Sing Out South Craven – A New Choir!

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This evening will be the opening night of a brand new, mixed voice choir in Glusburn If you enjoy singing then come along this evening to Glusburn Institute Community and Arts Centre for the very first meeting of the ‘Sing Out South Craven’ choir! Absolutely everyone is welcome, whether you’ve been involved in musical performance your whole life or if… Read more »

CLC Virtual Advent Day 12

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Damian Oxborough: A Winter’s Tale It’s my birthday today!!! So, please enjoy the video I recorded, then take a look at the info below… we’re doing all of this for UNICEF, and so I’d love it if you could support our efforts by pressing the button below and making a donation of whatever amount you’re able. Even £1 helps the… Read more »

Update: Regular & One-Off Lesson Slots

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This week I made the return to face-to-face lessons for those students who want them, and I’ve been pleased that there’s been a good uptake. The Zoom facility remains in place permanently, and there are government rules that I have to follow when people visit my house for lessons. Also, the past 6 months have obviously effected big changes in… Read more »