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CLC Virtual Advent Day 15

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Sharon Tronnolone: ‘I Will Carry You’ When Sharon asked me to sing backing vocals over her recording here, I initially said no because I thought that it would just ruin the delicacy of her part. But, she insisted so I put a little harmony underneath her part and hopefully this doesn’t impact on how her lovely voice carries through. These… Read more »

CLC Virtual Advent Day 14

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Michelle Alderson: Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree Michelle is my big sister, and she’s never done any public singing before, but she has always loved to sing around the house. I know she’s got a great voice and loads of potential as a singer, so I asked her to contribute to this year’s virtual advent calendar. And, I don’t think… Read more »

CLC Virtual Advent Day 12

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Damian Oxborough: A Winter’s Tale It’s my birthday today!!! So, please enjoy the video I recorded, then take a look at the info below… we’re doing all of this for UNICEF, and so I’d love it if you could support our efforts by pressing the button below and making a donation of whatever amount you’re able. Even £1 helps the… Read more »

CLC Virtual Advent Day 8

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Lesley Widdop: ‘The Boar’s Head Carol’ Not many people can pull off a singing duet on their own, but this is exactly what Lesley has achieved! She first recorded the main melody part then, listening to this first recording through earphones, Lesley then sang the harmony part. When she sent the two videos to me, I listened carefully and put… Read more »

Local Performance Opportunities

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Following on from my post a couple of weeks ago about local festivals, I’d like to share some information about two in particular that some of my students might wish to get involved with: Colne ‘Festival of Song’ This year’s Colne Luther Greenwood Festival has changed a little from previous years. For one thing, it’s taking place over just one… Read more »

Lesson Availability: w/c 25th Feb 2019

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This week it’s half term holidays for Skipton schools, so my schedule gets a little quieter while students get themselves off on holidays and visiting their families etc. If you are staying around in Skipton, though, here’s a list of the lessons slots available this week should you wish to squeeze a lesson in: Tues 26th Feb 13:00 (30 mins)… Read more »