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I’m currently clearing some space in my house ahead of moving across town to East Skipton, and I’ve got lots of stuff related to music that I’ll be giving away. First I’m going through my books, many of which were set texts when I did my BA in Music back in the late 1990’s. But, because they’re mostly about classical music or music theory / analysis, they are mostly still used and relevant texts in the field. Here’s the list:

  • The Romantic Generation, by Charles Rosen
  • The Classical Style, by Charles Rosen
  • Music in the Renaissance, by Howard Brown & Louise Stein
  • Medieval Music, by Richard Hoppin
  • Baroque Music from Monteverdi to Handel, by Nicholas Anderson
  • The Rest is Noise, by Alex Ross
  • Sound and Music for the Theatre, by Deena Kaye and Jaems LeBrecht
  • Any Sounds You Can Imagine – Making Music / Consuming Technology, by Paul Theberge
  • The Language of Music, by Deryck Cooke
  • The Study of Fugue, by Alfred Mann
  • A Guide to Musical Analysis, by Nicholas Cook
  • Music in Words, by Trevor Herbert
  • Musicology – The Key Concepts, by David Beard and Kenneth Glogg
  • Music, by Cyril Scott
  • Schoenberg and the New Music, by Carl Dahlhaus
  • The Penguin Book of Rock & Roll Writing, by Clinton Heylin
  • Sound and Symbol – Music and the External World, by Victor Zuckerkandl
  • The Interpretation of Music, by Thurston Dart
  • This is a Voice, by Jeremy Fisher and Gillyanne Kayes
  • Harmony, Melody & Composition, by Paul Sturman
  • Brahms, by Malcolm MacDonald
  • Sound Recording Practise, by John Borwick
  • Twentieth Century Composers, by Mark Morris
  • Off the Record, by Joe Smith
  • Debussy: Impressionism & Symbolism, by Stefan Jarocinsky
  • Essays on Music, by Theodor Adorno
  • Modern Music, by Paul Griffiths
  • Quasi Una Fantasia, by Theodor Adorno
  • You Can Write a Song, by Al Kasha & Joel Hirschhorn
  • Composers, Conductors & Critics, by Joel Reis
  • A History of Western Music by Donald Grout and Claude Palisca

If you would like any of the following, just let me know and they’re yours!

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