CLC Virtual Advent Day 1

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Steve & Debby Richardson: Fairytale of New York

Rumour has is that the vocal parts for the original version of this song, recorded by Kirsty McCall & The Pogue’s Shane McGowen, were laid down separately. A big thing was made in the press that the two singers were never actually in a room together until after the single went out. The irony is that in 2020 recording things separately and digitally stitching the parts together is the norm, and it is unusual for people to be able to record a song together live!

Also in 2020 the original Fairytale of New York has been edited so that it’s more palatable to a modern audience (there are some lyrics that some people may find uncomfortable and offensive). Personally, I’m in favour of leaving things the way they originally were, but understanding them in that context. Here, Debby sings the lyrics as they were intended back in the 80’s.

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