It’s All About You – Backing Track

I recorded the above track for one of my adult students. She wants to sing and record this song by McFly in a key a few steps higher than the original song. There are backing tracks available on YouTube for the song, but as soon as I tried to shift the pitch upwards for my student’s voice, all of the backing vocals on the track sounded like chipmunks. So, there was no choice but to re-record it myself. Here there are two guitar parts, a bass, and two percussion parts (plus the intro ripped out of the original track). Hope you enjoy it / make us of it yourself.

2 thoughts on “It’s All About You – Backing Track

  1. Bethany Lowe

    Hi Damian, just looking up this song for other reasons and you came up on the first page of Google! Glad to see you doing so well, and specially offering music theory! Such a long time now since our stint at Scarborough! All very best wishes to you, Bethany (Lowe).

    1. Damian Oxborough Post author

      Hi Bethany!

      Lovely to hear from you again.
      Yes, studying in Scarborough seems like a long time ago now, although I’ve been back quite a bit because Howard and I are really close friends. Hope that life is treating you well and you’re surviving the apocalypse!
      All the best for now.


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