Summer Season of Music & Poetry

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Since 2013 when I took on the role of Musical Director at Carleton Ladies Choir, we have put on an annual summer concert that has helped to strengthen community bonds, give local people a performance platform and raised lots and lots of money for local, national and international charities. Unfortunately, as with so many things, we’ve had to cancel this year’s event due to the Covid outbreak. The concert would have been tomorrow evening at Carleton Village Hall, and would likely have been in aid of some good causes.

As disappointed as we are that the event can’t go ahead, we’ve decided to put on a whole season of music and poetry. Over the next couple of months there will be a plethora of performances recorded and posted on the choir’s Facebook page, as well as on my own social media timelines. I will also post every video here on this page of my blog. As the weeks go by you should see this page expanding as more and more videos of our choir members, friends and associates fill up the screen! Keep checking back until the end of summer to see more and more wonderful songs and poems!

#23: ‘Why We Sing’ performed by Carleton Ladies Choir

#22: ‘The Entertainer’ performed by Debby Richardson

#21: ‘The Pig Song’ performed by Vicki Woodhead

#20: ‘Pulled’ from Addams Family, performed by Anna Milburn

#19: ‘Pie Jesu’ performed by Carol Smith & Claire Wingate

#18: ‘Beautiful World’, adapted and performed by Damian Oxborough

#17: ‘Latin Duet’ performed by Anne Nolan & Peter Gunn

#16: ‘Letter from Lady in Lockdown’ by Jack Humphrey

#15: ‘Think of Me’ performed by Fee

#14: ‘Those Were the Days’ performed by The Lower 6th

#13: ‘Cross the Wide Missouri’ performed by Carol Smith

#12: ‘That Music Always Round Me’ performed by Lesley Widdop

#11: ‘Islands in the Stream’ performed by Sarah Churcher & Rebekah O’Doherty

#10: ‘Rhymes & Reasons’ performed by Damian Oxborough

John Denver donated all proceeds of this song to UNICEF. You can help to support his cause by making a donation here:

#9: ‘Lovely’ performed by George MacDonald

#8: ‘Dance On’ performed by Harry Whiteoak

#7: ‘Beethoven’s Binge’ performed by Peter Gunn & Damian Oxborough

I would also like to invite those of you who enjoy this video to make a donation to UNICEF through my justgiving page:

All funds go directly to the charity (not to fund my trip).

#6: ‘An Unusual Garden Pest’ by Margaret Wooler

#5: ‘Revolution’ arranged and performed by Anne Nolan

#4: ‘Let’s All Drink to Lockdown’ performed by Jane Carleton-Smith

#3: ‘Born to Run’ performed by Steve Richardson & Andrew Hill

#2: ‘The Barbara & Dave Blues’ by Cally Berry

#1: ‘Moon River’ performed by Lesley Widdop

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