‘The Feel Good Fair’ : A Performance Opportunity

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I received an email yesterday from Laura Hepworth about a fair she is putting on. This event presents an ideal opportunity for music students and amateur musicians to play to a live audience. Her email read as follows:

My name is Laura Hepworth, I am in the process of organising a charity event ‘The Feel Good Fair’ for 5th April 2020. The aim of this event will be to introduce people to their local well-being services; help local businesses to network with like-minded professionals; highlight the importance of physical and mental health and to raise money and awareness for the charity Mind.

The Feel Good Fair will be hosted at Rendezvous Hotel in Skipton from 11am – 4pm, the event will run as a stall basis with a variety of well-being services on display as well as any business that creates that feel good factor for the customer! Alongside the stalls there will be complimentary fitness taster classes running all day.

There is a small stage in the main room which I thought would be the perfect place to have gentle music showcased, I thought this would be an ideal place for students to practice performing in front of a crowd without too much pressure. It would also be good advertisement for your business. As this is a community charity event I am not paying nor charging for the music space. If any of your students or yourself wish to perform please get in touch to book a slot.

Tickets will be sold for £3 per person, with all ticket sales going to Mind, we estimate 100 – 200 attendees for the event, the event will be aimed at working people between the ages of 20-50, however I expect a large range of attendee’s. Anyone who wishes to perform at the event will be entitled to a free ticket.

If you would like to perform, either as a soloist or as a group, please contact Laura directly on 07948692517 or laurah1812@hotmail.co.uk to book a slot.

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