Band Camp – The Recordings

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Today we had our first ever ‘Band Camp’ group sessions, in which small groups of students performed songs together. In both sessions we got the opportunity to record our work… and here are the results:

Simon, Russell and Leo performing ‘Mad World’
Imogen, Alistair & Helen performing ‘Always Remember Us This Way’

In both cases, we just set up a small recorder while we played the songs live. For this reason, the balance isn’t quite right (both recordings could use more volume on the vocals), but hopefully they give you a sense of what it sounded like in the room, and of how much fun the participants had!

Well done everyone who performed!!

2 thoughts on “Band Camp – The Recordings

  1. Russell

    Thanks for organising this Damian, really exciting to play with others for the first time ever and make some actual music. I can now call myself a recording artist (!) PS very impressed with the other groups efforts too. The recording is great to share with friends and family too.


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