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Thanks to all of you who visit this blog to check for lesson availability. Whenever I take a break from teaching the following week or so are always REALLY busy with people who have managed to book in advance. For this reason, all the slots for the coming week (30th Aug to 4th Sep) are fully booked up.

THE GOOD NEWS is that soon you won’t need to come onto this blog to check for available slots. I’m planning to move all my lesson booking and payment system to an online portal that will be accessible from this website. This will mean that you will be able to book, cancel, rearrange and pay for all of your lessons directly online, checking a live calendar with my available lesson slots displayed. There’ll be no more need to contact me to book sessions, or to text me to rearrange. You’ll be able to book a couple of months in advance, and slots will be open right up to 24 hours before the lesson time.

This does mean that if you have a regular, weekly slot with me, you will be wise to book your lessons several weeks in advance, to avoid someone else jumping in on your lesson time. I’ll do my best to manage situations where this occurs, but it will be a bit of a team effort. You’ll also notice that the prices quoted for lessons on the new system will be higher than what you currently pay. MORE GOOD NEWS: Your lesson fees will remain the same as you have always paid – I will provide each of you a discount code so that the price comes down when you come to make your online payment.

Of course, there are likely to be some teething problems, and I’m aware that there may be some issues where people have already booked a block of lessons that have not been taken at the date when we switch over to the new system – don’t worry: I have these types of issues under control and will explain who we’ll deal with them in a fair way that means students and parents never miss out on lessons that they’ve paid for in advance.

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