£475 Raised in Fundraiser Concert

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One of the highlights of being a music teacher is having the opportunity to use my job to help people. And, of course this can come in many forms. On the 1st December, my pupils put on a concert to help raise funds for a little boy I know who needs some special equipment in order to communicate with his friends, family and teachers. And together, we brought him £475 closer to being able to buy the (extremely expensive) kit that he needs.

The social good that my pupils and I are able to do in this way is compounded by the overall good feeling everyone experiences at the events we put on. Many students initially approach performing in public as something to be feared, but come away from these friendly affairs realising that no harm can come of making a mistake in a piece, or mixing up a lyric, even when an audience is present. On the contrary, the experience of playing and / or singing for and with other people (especially when those others are also studying an instrument) reminds us of our comradeship: we want to support one another and enjoy the communal nature of music making. And, the vast majority of students who put themselves forward to play at these concerts leave feeling a sense of pride that they were able to contribute something really lovely for others to listen to, and in doing so have helped raise funds for a very worthy cause.

So, in short, thank you to all of my students and friends who played, sang, brought cakes and buns to sell, set up the hall, helped on the door etc etc. All your contributions are very much appreciated, and I look forward to doing it all again at some point in 2020.

Back to this week, though, and the available lesson slots for the next seven days:

  • Tuesday 10th December
    • 10:00 (30 mins)
    • 13:30 (30 mins)
    • 16:30 (30 mins)
  • Thursday 12th December
    • 16:00 (30 mins)

As usual, drop me a line if you would like to book any of the above. And, if you’re around in Skipton this morning (Monday 9th December), you could come down to Skipton Boat Company where I will be carol singing with some members of Carleton Ladies Choir and the Carleton Men’s Shed Singers – again, to entertain while making some money for a charitable cause.

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