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Lesson Availability, w/c 3rd June 2019

Well, the kids are all back at school this week, and things go back to normal with my schedule. For me, that means a busy week of teaching ahead, but there are just one or two free slots: Wed 5th June 10:00 (30 mins) 17:30 (30 mins) Thu 6th June 10:00 (30 mins) Apart from the above, the rest of… Read more »

Lesson Availability, w/c 29th April 2019

We’re only in April and I’m already preparing for events up to and including Christmas. I’m thinking about doing another charity students concert sometime around the beginning of December, with a festive flavour and hopefully featuring more ensemble performances than have been in previous concerts. Watch this space for a date and the opportunity to sign up for a slot… Read more »

Available Lesson Slots: w/c 18th Feb 2019

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It’s another busy week ahead, full of lessons and rehearsals, but there are one or two free slots available in my schedule, should you wish to book into any of them. Here they are: Tuesday 19th Feb 10:00 (30 mins) Wednesday 20th Feb 09:30 (30 mins) Thursday 21st Feb 17:30 (30 mins) Friday 22nd Feb 11:30 (30 mins) 17:00 (60… Read more »

Lesson Availability, w/c 14th Jan 2019

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Tuesday 15th January 10:00 (30 mins) Wednesday 16th January 10:00 (60 mins) Thursday 17th January 15:00 (30 mins) 16:00 (30 mins) Friday 18th January 11:30 (30 mins) 17:30 (30 mins) Saturday 19th January 13:30 (30 mins) It’s unusual for me to have so many vacant slots in a week – pop me an email through if you would like to… Read more »