Update & ‘Freedom Day’

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Little changes to Covid precautions

Despite Boris Johnson’s so-called ‘Freedom Day’ relaxing of the Covid rules across England, my students and I will remain cautious about the spread of Covid to protect one another and those who are most vulnerable in society. My music studio is a fairly enclosed space with limited ventilation, so we need to do what we can to limit the transmission of this horrible virus (and all the other horrible viruses). For these reasons, not much changes next week in the way that I am asking students and parents to approach music lessons at my house:

  1. Face coverings remain optional but recommended wherever possible. I will tend to wear a mask in lessons for the time being.
  2. We continue to avoid students crossing over one another in my small space by arriving for lessons on time but not early, and winding up lessons a minute or two earlier than scheduled.
  3. Hand sanitiser will still be available for you to use as you arrive. I will endeavour to keep instruments and other surfaces as clean as possible.
  4. Students who either a) don’t feel well, or b) have had recent contact with someone who has tested positive will be asked not to attend their lesson in person. Online Zoom facility will remain open permanently, and lessons can be switched to this at short notice.
  5. There will no longer be any need to ‘check in’ with the NHS Track and Trace App. You will notice that the poster on my door has been removed.

Lesson slots for next week

If you’d like to book any of the following slots, drop me a text on 07746637472.

  • Mon 19th July, 11:15
  • Tue 20th July, 16:00
  • Wed 21st July, 17:30

All of the above an be booked either in-person or by Zoom.

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