17th March: Service Update

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As I’m sure you’re aware, yesterday the government announced that the public should avoid large gatherings and other non-essential social interactions. As you can imagine, this has put the fear of God into lots of ordinary folk who are now wondering what on earth they can or can’t, should or shouldn’t do.

As far as my service is concerned, I am continuing to offer one-to-one lessons at my home to those who are physically well and would like to attend. But I recognise that, as the crisis deepens, I will at some point need to suspend face-to-face lessons. I anticipate this decision coming in line with when schools and colleges close their doors.

As I’ve said before, one possibility for those of you who are learning piano and guitar (and music theory), is to run sessions over Zoom. This is a new departure for me because I’ve always considered face-to-face meetings to be the most effective way of teaching and learning. But, tough times call for tough measures.

Those of you who would rather suspend your lessons until all of this Corona virus scare has blown over are obviously welcome to do so. In this event, any lessons that you’ve prepaid will still be on your account for you to use at the other end of this crisis, and if you have a regular time slot then we’ll just pick up where we left off.

Of course, any questions, just drop me a text on the normal number.

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