Available Lesson Slots: w/c 31 Dec 2018

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I’m really pleased to report that my students are finding these lesson slot blog updates useful. It means that, should something come up such that you aren’t able to make the lesson that you originally booked, you can have a quick look here to see if there are any alternatives that week. So, if you realise that you’ll be out of town on the day you should be having a guitar lesson, but you’ll be back in the Skipton area later in the week, you can drop me a text to switch your booking. Do be aware, though, that my 24 hour cancellation policy still applies – see details here.

That all said, this week’s lesson slots are all currently booked up. Should any slots become available, though, I will update this blog post.

Happy New Year to everyone, and hope you all have a peaceful and enjoyable 2019!

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