Band Camp & Lesson Slots for w/c 27 Jan 2020

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I’ve been messaging all my students over this week about my plans for some ‘Band Camp’ sessions – my way of putting a title to group lessons that give students the opportunity to learn and perform songs in small ensembles. The plan will be to get two or three students together, each bringing different instrumental / vocal attributes to the group and, with my support, working on musicianship skills. For example, one person might play piano, another might know some guitar chords, while a third might be a confident singer. Wherever there are gaps, I can put in extra parts – a bass guitar here, a bit of backing vocal there. In the end, we could make recordings of our efforts, or plan to perform them at the next students’ concert.

So, watch this space – I’m planning to put together an online booking portal for students to get in on the act. It’ll be open to everyone – all ages and ability levels. And, I’ll arrange the music such that each person has a part that is manageable for them.

Finally for this week, here are the available lesson spaces:

  • Wed 29 Jan
    • 13:20 (60 mins, or 2 x 30 mins)
    • 20:00 (60 mins, or 2 x 30 mins)

That’s it for free lesson slots for the forthcoming week. As usual, I’m got a busy one planned. That said, it is possible that one or more students might cancel their lessons between now and the booked slot(s), so feel free to drop me a text if you really want to get a music session booked in – you might be lucky!

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