Broughton Road Area – Neighbourhood Patrols

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Following a spate of burglaries and attempted burglaries in our neighbourhood in the early part of January, the folks in our community have come together to protect each other’s property.

One initiative that has been launched to deter potential criminals and report suspicious activity to the police involves people from our community doing daily patrols around our neighbourhood. A rota has been set up so that someone takes a long walk around our streets several times a day, including evening hours. (I am one such volunteer)

Obviously, this could have a potential impact on my students and their families as they sit in cars outside my house either waiting for lessons or for their children’s lessons to finish. I have informed the community patrol organisers of the situation with regards to my music teaching practise, but it is still possible that a well meaning patrol person will mistake those outside my house for a threat to our security. So, with this in mind, if you are approached by a member of our community and asked to explain your behaviour, please be aware that the person you approaching you does so out of a duty to protect our streets and homes. For this reason, I would ask my clients to respond in an appropriately respectful manner and simply explain that you are a student or parent of mine.

Many thanks in advance.

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