Colne Festival of Music

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… or to give it it’s full name …

The Colne Luther Greenwood Memorial Festival of Music

I’m just in the middle of preparing my annual application to participate in the Colne Music Festival with the Carleton Ladies Choir, and it occurred to me that some people might not know very much about it and, even if they were interested in Colne’s ‘friendly’ festival, they might struggle to find it on Google (their’s is not the easiest website to locate!).  So, firstly, here’s the link to the Colne Music Festival website:

And, once you’re there, the syllabus containing all the information you need, including details of classes and the application form, can also be a bit hard to find, so here’s the link to it:

Colne Festival Syllabus

An interesting feature of this year’s syllabus is the Class 22 – COMMUNITY CHOIRS.  As our choir decides which class(es) to enter, we wondered what the difference is between the choirs invited to this new Community Choirs class and all the other classes – they too are usually attended by amateur groups who rarely have any audition or other membership criteria, and are often based around a small community such as village or town.  I suppose it might be that the phrase ‘Community Choir’ suggests a group that tends towards repertoire that is unaccompanied and passed down aurally rather than scored out.  But, if this is the case, the syllabus here doesn’t explicitly state it and so it leaves us unsure whether our choir would qualify for that category.  Perhaps this is something I should mention to the festival organisers on the day.

In any case, we always enjoy performing at Colne Muni, so we’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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