Corona Virus

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As with all businesses, I need to consider the impact that the spread of Corona Virus might have on my ability to deliver my service to my customers. With this in mind, the plan is as follows:

As things stand:

  1. Lessons continue as normal.
  2. Those students who wish to avoid face-to-face contact have a couple of options:
    • Switch to lessons by Skype
    • Temporarily suspend their sessions

It’s possible that, as concern grows about the spread of Corona Virus, more and more people will want to avoid contact with others until things calm down. I’m happy to use Skype to work with those who would like some continuation in the support I give them. Obviously, online lessons come with inherent limitations, but they are a ‘next best option’ and do allow me to review the work that my students are doing and give guidance.

If things get worse:

  1. I plan to follow government advice.
  2. If the UK goes on ‘lockdown’, as is currently the case in Italy, then all face to face lessons will be suspended, and Skype sessions offered as an alternative to those who would like them.
  3. If schools in the Skipton area are also closed then it’s likely that I will suspend my service completely until they reopen.

As I’m sure you’re aware, the situation with Corona Virus is changing day to day and hour to hour. It’s very difficult to predict how this will impact on our country or our region. But, I will do my best to minimise the risk of infection in my music room by:

  1. Asking students to wash their hands as they arrive
  2. Regularly anti-bacterial wiping my instruments
  3. Keeping the room well ventilated
  4. Offering online tutoring to those who are particularly concerned
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