Lesson Availability, w/c 11th March 2019

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This week is Skipton Music Festival week. I have quite a few students performing in the festival, and I plan to support them by attending (and sometimes accompanying them at the piano). This means that quite a bit of my schedule for the coming week is blocked out for this purpose. There are a couple of vacant slots, though, should you wish to book one:

  • Thu 14th Mar
    • 10:30 (30 or 60 mins)
  • Fri 15th Mar
    • 10:00 (30 mins)
    • 17:30 (30 mins)
  • Sat 16th Mar
    • 14:00 (30 mins)

As usual, drop me a line if you would like to book into any of these. They always get booked up fast, so the best way to contact me is by text: 07746637472.

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