Update: A temporary return to Zoom

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Because of plans of a trip that my family has coming up, I’ve made the decision to offer Zoom only lessons from 1st to 16th July, this with a view to minimising contact with others during that period. Face-to-face lessons will resume w/c 19th July.

The early part of next week is booked up, but there is availability for Zoom sessions at the following time slots:

  • Thurs 1st July
    • Morning slots free
    • Afternoon from 14:15
  • Friday 2nd July
    • Morning and afternoon slots available

I can come clean and tell you that I much prefer to teach in person than over Zoom, but I also feel that it’s a good second best, particularly when we can share sheet music etc. The only real difficulties that arise from conducting music lessons over a video call are that playing ‘live’ together is tricky (although I often overcome this by leading the music and hearing my students as a slight echo), and that I can’t physically point to fingers / keys / strings etc.

But, in these Covid times we need to do whatever we can do to keep ourselves safe whilst also making the most of the activities that we can participate in, even if this occasionally means taking an alternative approach.

Zoom into piano, guitar & ukulele lessons
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