Update: In-person lessons delayed

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Happy New Year

Here’s to a bright, happy and healthy 2021!

With this in mind, I’ve made the decision to delay all face-to-face lessons at my house until February. With the Covid-19 virus currently spreading faster than ever, and government tier regulations being tightened, I feel that it’s important for me to be part of the solution to this pandemic by avoiding getting / transmitting the virus if at all possible.

All in-person lessons that were scheduled for January have now either been rearranged for February or switched to Zoom. Obviously, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the situation – hopefully, it will be safe by this time next month to have people visit my house again. But, I accept that there may be the need to delay face-to-face lessons still further if Covid is still surging in 4 weeks time. I have a responsibility not just to my students / parents but also to wider society, and it’s important to balance the desire I share with my students to get on with normal lessons with the risk to everyone in Skipton and beyond.

Zoom Lessons Slots for the coming week

As you would expect, my schedule is less busy this week due to the measures I’ve had to put in above. So, if you would like to book a piano, guitar, ukulele or singing lesson with me over a video call, see below for the available slots:

  • Tuesday 5th January
    • 13:45
    • 16:00
  • Wednesday 6th January
    • 17:00
  • Thursday 7th January
    • 11:15
  • Friday 8th January
    • 10:15
    • 16:00
Zoom into piano, guitar & ukulele lessons
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