Update: Lockdown lessons

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Zoom until February

Following the government’s announcement at the beginning of this week, my lessons will now be exclusively on Zoom until at least the end of the February half term school holidays. That means that I plan to resume face-to-face lessons from 22nd February, all being well. That said, this is constantly under review and will be shifted again if necessary.

This week’s free lesson slots

Although my schedule is quieter than normal, I do no have to balance this alongside home-schooling my son while his primary school is closed. So, there aren’t as many free lesson slots as you might imagine. That said, there are a few opportunities to book a lesson in if you would like to do so:

  • Tuesday 12th January
    • 13:45
  • Wednesday 13th January
    • 11:15
    • 19:30
  • Thursday 14th January
    • 11:15
  • Friday 15th January
    • 13:45
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