Update: National Music Lessons

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Private Music Lessons Across Britain

I think we can all agree that this Covid pandemic is having a pretty negative impact on most of our lives, and an absolutely devastating one on some of the less fortunate people around the world. Certainly, we have concerns about how it’s impacting on our son – at his age he should be visiting friends houses, cycling in the park etc. I find it worrisome that the lack of interaction with other people, especially people of his own age, is going to take its toll. But, he is resilient and seems to be managing the situation without too much trouble for the time being. I think some of us adults could take a leaf out of his book.

There are things that we can do, though, to alleviate the stress of being stuck indoors. Lots of people are participating in music groups such as online choirs and orchestras. And, yet more are taking private 1-2-1 instrumental lessons over video call. As I’ve said to my students, learning in this way is undoubtedly a second best to face-to-face sessions, but it’s MUCH better than not doing it at all.

This week I have been teaching piano, electronic keyboard, guitar, ukulele and singing to students all over Britain. I currently have students in Glasgow, Sheffield, Kent, Surrey and Hull, areas of West and North Yorkshire such as Shipley, Bingley, Linton and Settle, as well as lots of people in the Skipton area who choose to Zoom into their lessons.

With Zoom there is no geographic barrier – I even had a student in China during the last lockdown!

This Week’s Lesson Availability

Just a few slots are free for you to book into:

  • Monday 18th Jan
    • 10:45
    • 13:45

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