Welcome Back!

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Face-to-Face & Zoom Lessons Resume

Whether you are desperate to get back to in-person lessons, or whether you would prefer to continue with music sessions over Zoom, I’d like to say a big welcome back and thank you for using my service.

For those who are continuing with video lessons, little will change from before Easter, except that you might find my schedule a little busier than before as demand rises for slots. However, I limit the number of new students that I take on so that I can offer maximum flexibility to those who are already booked in for lessons with me.

I’m really looking forward to seeing those of you who are returning to face-to-face lessons. Of course, we can’t be complacent about the ongoing Covid risk, so I will have to insist on everyone following the following 5 simple rules:

  1. You MUST NOT ATTEND a face-to-face lesson if
    • you have any Covid symptoms, or you have had recent contact with someone else who has.
    • you are awaiting the results of a Covid test due to suspected symptoms.
    • you are required to self-isolate.
    • you or one of your close contacts has tested positive for Covid in the last 14 days.
    • you have any other reason to believe that you could potentially spread the Covid virus.
      • In any of the above circumstances, you may postpone your lesson or switch it to a Zoom session.
  2. Please arrive no earlier than your scheduled lesson time.
  3. On arrival, please sanitise your hands, put on a face covering, and scan the NHS Track & Trace QR code displayed on my door.
  4. My music room window will be wide open to help ventilate the room, so please come dressed appropriately for a cooler environment.
  5. All lessons will finish 5 minutes earlier than scheduled to allow me to clean down the room, and to avoid students crossing over one another.

Available slots for the coming week

My schedule is always busy in the week or so after a holiday, but there are a few slots available should you wish to book in:

  • Tue 13th April – 13:45
  • Wed 14th April – 13:45
  • Thu 15th April – 13:15
  • Fri 16th April – 13:45

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