Zoom Lesson Slots: w/c 20/04/20

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Hi everyone.

Hope you’re all doing well and managing okay. I think the strangest thing about this whole Covid-19 lockdown is how ‘normal’ everything feels on a day-to-day basis. Every time I glance at the news it’s just a stream of Corona Virus related tragedy: deaths, shortages of food and medical equipment etc etc. And, yet, for most of us life is just ticking on, with a combination of childcare and paid work that is, admittedly, at a different ratio than it was before the outbreak of this pandemic. But, to all intents and purposes, we still get up, make breakfast, entertain and stimulate our kids, and find time in between to work.

If you are finding the new balance a bit more challenging (and, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were because the one thing I seem to be lacking in this new lifestyle is a bit of time to myself to just sit and read a book or watch some rubbish on tv) then perhaps you could cut yourself some slack by getting your kids signed up to regular activities such as piano or guitar lessons. I’m teaching online 6 days a week and offer flexibility in terms of lesson duration, regularity, time of day etc. And, as most of you know, I post a list every week of available slots for the coming period.

And here they are for this week:

  • Monday 20th April
    • 17:30 (30 mins)
  • Wednesday 22nd April
    • 16:00 (60 mins)
    • 19:30 (30 mins)
  • Thursday 23rd April
    • 16:30 (30 mins)

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