Full re-opening: 13th April

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Following this week’s announcement from the government, I will be able to start accepting students back into my music room here in Skipton from Tuesday 13th April.

My service falls under ‘close-contact’ along with businesses such as hairdressers. This means that customers enter the premises only by appointment, but that they spend a significant period of time here, inside a confined space. I will be putting in place all the same measures as before:

  • Hand sanitizer at the door
  • Track and Trace QR codes displayed
  • Masks to be worn
  • No early arrivals permitted, and lessons ending 5 minutes shy of the normal finish time
  • Anyone who is ill or who lives with someone who is will be strictly forbidden from attending their lesson in person

I also need my students to understand that I have an 8 year old boy who will be attending school, and so even with these above measures in place there is a small but inherent risk of catching Covid-19. It then comes down to the choice of students and their families as to whether they consider the risk to be acceptable, and this will be determined by their individual circumstances.

For those who can’t or would prefer not to attend in-person lessons, I will continue to offer Zoom as an alternative. This facility will be for people who:

  • Live too far away from me to consider travelling to lessons
  • Feel that they would prefer to play it safe by having lessons remotely, either temporarily or permanently
  • Feel a little under the weather on the day of their lesson
  • Live with someone who isn’t well / has had a positive Covid test
  • Have been told to self-isolate or shield by the NHS

Online learning isn’t going anywhere, so please don’t feel pressured to switch in April to face-to-face lessons. Zoom will remain an option for as long as anyone wants to use it.

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