Update: Awaiting Boris’ Announcement

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This lockdown seems to have been going on a long time now, and I know that many of my pupils are eagerly awaiting the return to face-to-face lessons. My plan will be to align the reopening of ‘normal’ lessons with my son’s return to school, so everything is hanging on what Boris announces on Monday. As soon as primary school pupils in Skipton return and it become legal for close-contact services to open, I will be contacting all of those students whose lessons are on hold to offer them a date and time for their first lessons back.

I haven’t forgotten about those of you who need or want to continue with Zoom lessons, either because it’s convenient for you or because you live geographically distant from Skipton. Don’t worry: Zoom will continue to be a long term option for everyone, either as a permanent option or as an ad hoc choice for when it’s more convenient. For example. if you wake up on the day of your lesson feeling a little under the weather but not sick enough to have to stay in bed, then you could always contact me and arrange to switch from face-to-face to a Zoom session, just as a one-off. I can simply set up a room and get going, even if you decide to do that a few minutes ahead of the lesson.

Demand for my lessons slots continues to be high, but there are a couple of slots available in the coming week should you wish to get something booked in:

  • Monday 22nd February
    • 09:45
  • Thursday 25th February
    • 13:45
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