Staying in contact with students & parents

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I believe that maintaining good communication links with my adult students, younger pupils and their families is an extremely important aspect of the service that I offer. Indeed, when people provide feedback on my service, an area that comes up time and again is how well I keep them informed about their lessons times, payment schedule, forthcoming events etc etc.

Mobile Phone

Students and parents always receive SMS text messages from me the day before any music lesson they have booked. This message often also includes information about holidays that are coming up, lessons that will need to be cancelled etc etc.

Mobile phone is the primary way in which my students contact me about their lessons. As long as they text me 24 hours or more before their scheduled lesson, all sessions can be cancelled and rebooked for a more convenient day or time without paying for the cancelled lesson.


I occasionally email students to provide them with essential electronic documents they need (such as backing tracks for songs etc). An email is also automatically generated each time a student books a lesson – this gives the date and time of the lesson, and where the student is with their payment schedule. Students repeatedly report that this is a really helpful feature of my service, and saves them time writing down each lesson they book.

This blog

Here I post short articles about the service that I run (including a weekly blog detailing lesson availability for the following 7 days), as well as pieces on local events and concerts, performance opportunities, instrumental technique, music theory etc. It’s definitely worth checking back on this blog fairly regularly, especially if you book lessons on an ad hoc basis and need to know what is available in my diary.


I use my Facebook business page to give shorter and more regular updates about my music teaching service here in Skipton. I also post fun things that people might be interested in (I’m currently playing a little ‘Name that Tune’ with my followers on there), and forward on information from other relevant Facebook pages in the area. These include casting calls from local musical theatre companies etc.

A little bit of Name That Tune on my Facebook page. This one is the theme from Steptoe and Son.
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